Monday, June 10, 2013

Forever 21 Love & Beauty Sparkling Lip Gloss:Review

Lip Gloss for me is one of the essentials on my lips. And why not,i feel it adds all the glamour to your face. Be it a school girl, a sweet sixteen ,or a happening 20's, Lip gloss is something we all girls crave for!

Afterall, it adds alot of oomph to your lips.
I remember when i was back in school, there was a trend of lipgloss though not a huge variety offered like they have now in each cosmetic brand.

Among my favourite lipgloss are the one's from Revlon, Maxfactor, Loreal, Lakme and also Maybelline, I haven't tried others yet. I keep buying these all the time.

But that day while I was shopping at Deira City Centre, my friend and me were picking up some clothes from the Forever 21 store.
And there at the billing counter i was a bit surprised to find these lipglosses.

Frankly, the sight wasn't that good. All the lipglosses were bumped into a fish bowl, as if it was some junk.
But what i cant deny is that the fish bowl had lipglosses in it.So, I thought to just check them out. And Lo!!! it was just 7dhs($1.80). Seriously,nothing but the price forced me to buy them and why not give a try.!

This is what they look like:

The 2 shades are Apricot and Icing pink.The packaging is cute,(back to school times gloss kind),I guess the golden cap is added to make them look worthy. But seriously,Where do you get a cheap gloss like this from such a huge clothing line? Sorry, they have a beauty line too,it is now I realised. It is surely not as promising as its name.
It's not at all bad as per the price.

Here is the swatch for the Apricot:

This gloss has no pigments.And if you can make out,it has golden sparkles added to it,hence the name sparkling lipgloss .I would like to wear it over a lip shade ,as personally , for me ,wearing a no pigmentation lipgloss is a turn off.
At first, I found the gloss gooey, but later it was alright.I also liked the apricot fragrance.The golden sparks make it perfect for Indian functions, but the gloss gets wiped off when you eat. So this I would recommend if you just want a daily wear gloss,and you are someone who doesn't stay out for longer time.

But why not try it,it's hardly gonna make any change in your wallet,one more to add to your collection.

  • Very cheap
  • Golden sparks
  • Mild fragrance
  • 12 ml of product ,really good quantity.(for the price)
  • Not long lasting
  • no pigmentation
  • no variety in stores 

Keep sparkling, stay beautiful!!

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