Thursday, July 18, 2013

Chicken Spring Roll :Recipe

Salaam to all my friends, 

I know I am being little late to post something, but it's Ramadan, too much of important stuff is keeping me a bit busy.
Sorry for that, so, this Ramadan the blog is just going to be about recipes or may be restaurant reviews.
I hope you all enjoy the great tastes that I am presenting to you, my small attempts.

Today's Recipe is a spring roll, not to mention, there are so many varieties and flavours in Spring rolls.
You can make them mughlai, or chinese or thai, or don't know what more, and also with any kind of meat or vegetables.
This is one benefit right.?
This is again a simple recipe,actually cooking is way too simple, you just need to be good at accuracy!!

So if you really fear cooking, please just remember it's something almost every lady on this earth is good at,so how can it be difficult, ??
you don't have to reach any moon on a spacecraft.

I hope this post will be helpful as I have taken step wise pictures of how to roll a spring roll too.

Chicken Spring Rolls
makes 15 rolls


Chicken breast,boiled and shredded (500gms)
Onion(Finely chopped 1 med)
Finely chopped Capsicum, Cabbage, Carrots(1 small bowl each)
Ginger Garlic paste (2tspn)
Black pepper powder(2-3 tspn)
Dark Soy sauce, vinegar (1tspn each)
Salt to taste
Frozen spring Roll pastry /wrap
1 beaten egg
Oil to fry


The Filling:

  • In a fry pan, add a tbspn of oil, let it heat for a while,add to it the chopped onion, saute it till the onion is translucent i.e it turns pinkish and loses its firmness.
  • Add the ginger garlic paste and saute again for a minute, so that the raw flavour of ginger and garlic gets away.
  • Now add the rest of the veggies, and keep tossing them on medium flame,until the veggies lose some of their firmness too.
  • While tossing add the soy sauce, vinegar, pepper powder, sugar and salt, mix well and lastly add the shredded chicken.
  • Saute all these for 2-3 minutes and switch off the flame. Keep aside to cool.
  • This is how the mixture looks, (didn't have much time adding the blog website here on the picture.)

The roll making:

I think the pictures will demonstrate everything well
  1. This is the square shaped pastry/wrap, place it on a chopping board,or any other flat surface.

   2.Fill the chicken veggie mixture in this way in a good amount to get a mouthful of juicy chicken.

   3.First folding the upper side on the mixture, then apply the beaten egg on the sides and fold them this way.

   4. Roll the rest of the pastry by applying the beaten egg wherever some gluing is needed to prevent the roll        from breaking open while frying,The rolls look like this.

  • Now shallow fry these in a frying pan, carefully,when one side is golden brown turn it over for the other side to get cooked.
  • I don't know what was with the pastry that I used it never turned golden brown, just directly the brown colour.Trust me, golden brown is better.
  • Remove them in a plate covered with some kitchen tissues for soaking the excess oil,
  • Cut into 2 halves and Serve with tomato ketchup and mayyonaise,If you are looking for some fun, add some chilli sauce or mustard powder to your mayo before serving.

* If you dont have much time playing with chicken shredding, jus give them a grind in your mixer.Just for 5 seconds, not much otherwise it will get mashed
*Do not use newspapers for soaking the oil.

I hope you like this and try at home.


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