Thursday, July 4, 2013

FJI Restaurant:Review

FJI Restaurant located at Jumeirah Beach Road, set up on a tiny area, would definately make you dream big!!!

Offering a variety of items on the menu,mostly from the Lebanese cuisine, outstands itself from most of the popular restaurants.

First Impression:I found the place just another cafetaria, but my Hubby promised me it won't disappoint me.

So here's our order:

1 Chicken Fillet sandwich (dhs 9):
Wrapped up neatly, served alongwith french fries and lebanese pickles. I just tasted it,because that was my husband's order. It did give a real good taste, but the chicken was not at all tender.
** I love pickles

1 Falafel plate (dhs 7):

Around 10 pieces of Falafel served in a bowl,garnished with sourcream/hummous and paprika.
The falafel was so tender and juicy, all the chickpeas and veggies(if any) immediately hitting the taste bud,with a blend of the cream.(I didn't really understand whether it was sourcream or hummous, as hummous is usually a bit thick than what was served).
That was the best falafel i had in Dubai. I ate all of them, couldn't stop hubby from picking 1 up.
I was so busy eating, I forgot that I am a blogger and that I had to click an appropriate picture of it.
*That makes the bowl almost empty.

1 Cocktail FJI (dhs 13):

Big wholesome glass full of natural fruit pulp, topped up with sliced strawberries, bananas, kiwi, muskmelon, black grapes, and also kitkat.
The topmost layer was again fresh cream with powdered pistachio over it.
I couldn't wait for more than 2 seconds to have the next bite.
Believe me guys, it was something dropped from heaven into that glass,you won't deny!

1 Fakhfakhan (dhs 12)
It's totally similar to Cocktail FJI except that it has more fruits than pulp, and also it doesn't have any kitkat in it.

This great restaurant is loacted just by the road side, so you can really have a good evening with friends at this place. 
Don't know what was with their chairs, they were ohh so comfortable!!!

If I have to personally rate this restaurant out of 10, it would be this way:
Value for money:9

In any case, if you are looking for a little change in your food, this is a simple yet impressive place to try out.
I don't have to say I will visit this place again,as i am so much in love with it, I keep visiting it already.

Eat to please your stomach!!!

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