Thursday, June 20, 2013

Himalaya Herbals Protein Hair Cream: Review

Hiee again everyone!! This one is for all my guy friends too. I know your hair feels like goats. ugggghhhh!!
These days the weather keeps changing it's mood everyday.
Heat, humidity,rain, dust!!! Uffff !!!

This time I am very excited about this product,because I have never used any hair creams before.
But yes,I did use home made hair packs many times.
I bought this hair cream just a week ago,and hardly tried it 2-3 times.
And guess what, I am loving it.

My hair is sometimes the most unmanagable thing for me.
As i never know, when it betrays me out of bad weather problems.

Since summer has just begun, my hair has started rejecting most of the smoothening shampoos.
That's the reason I thought to give this cream a try.
Afterall, it's Himalaya herbals,we Indians do trust herbals alot.

This is how the pack looks

Quantity-140 ml
Price- 13 dhs(for 2 packs on offer)

What the product claims:

A unique herbal formulation for Dry/Damaged hair with extra nourishment of natural proteins derived from Chickpea and Wheatgerm.
Enriched with Eclipta and Amla that promote hair growth.

Benefits of the ingredients:

Chickpea: It's a rich source of natural protein.
Wheatgerm: It consists of Vitamin E and folic acid. It gives hair extra nourishment by regaining the moisture that hair loses daily.
Amla:Amla has always been used for hair growth in indian culture.It helps you make hair roots stronger.

Directions for use:

Use daily before and after hair wash.Massage gently onto scalp and hair,leaving it for an hour before shampooing.
Apply on damp hair after every wash for all day extra nourished and stronger hair.

I like the packaging of the product. It comes in a flat white tub,with a green cap. The cap fits tightly ,avoilding any spillage of the product.Also there is a silver film over after you open the cap.

The texture is amazing,its soft and too smooth. It's not at all greasy.The cream is thick white.
It gets spread easily on scalp and hair.I really liked the fragrance. I usually like the fragrance of Himalaya products. Also it gets washed off easily without leaving any residue behind.

My Views:
I just used it 2-3 times and I could see the difference in one single wash.
My hair is long, dry(these days) and frizzy too.
I was too lazy too apply oil,and I didn't have much time. So as told, I applied it on my scalp and hair tips which looked quiet damaged and dry.Left it for an hour.
Washed it with water first, then followed my shampoo and connditioner routine.
To my surprise. on air drying my hair, they were so soft, shiny and the damaged tips got soft too.
I made my hubby cross check the feel of my hiar, and he was impressed too :).
It's surprising result made me do this review.
I loved it!!
Yes.I will buy this product again and will use it atleast once a week.

The Pro's:

  • Makes hair soft and frizz free
  • The ingredients are good for hair
  • Non greasy
  • Great natural fragrance
  • Easy to wash off
  • Good price and quantity.

The Con's:

  • No spatula to get the cream out,spoon has to be used
I won't prefer using it after hair wash, as I fear it might make my hair weigh down as told by few people.
But, I am loving the feel it gives to my hair,It's a must try product!!

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