Monday, June 3, 2013

Review of GOLA: Bombay Juice Centre(Dubai)

I am that very breed of Indian, which, wherever scattered throughout the globe, is the most delighted on seeing the streetfood from India available in their country of residence.
My initial days in Dubai weren't homesick, but surely were foodsick. And when my dear hubby realised it, he gave me a tour of all that streetfood i was longing for, right here in Dubai.
The most beautiful thing about Dubai is, it is a pseudo Home, it has everything that will help you not to miss your country.
Keeping my emo attachment away,here's a review of the very Indian Gola aur Chuski from Bombay Juice Centre.

Location: Bur Dubai,(near Burjuman station)
Bombay Juice Centre is a the best place if you want to try some desi sandwiches.
The Gola available here has 4 flavours,these 3 I remember:

  • Khus
  • Kala Khatta
  • Mix
I ordered the mix Gola(price:8 dhs).It looked like this

It had mixture of Rose ,Orange ,Khus ,Kala Khatta 
Summers are sick in Dubai,and what could be better than a Gola. So my friend and me hopped in.
Tastes amazing,but the ice was too hard,, I couldn't even bite it.
It has to be hygenic, because gloves and haircaps are used while making it, And also, unlike India you have to buy drinking water for everyday use.So the ice used,can't be unhygenic.
I enjoyed the gola,though the leftover syrup was too strong to
Here's the score:
Value for money:7

What if you don't like to visit the place just for a gola?? Order it! They have Home Delivery available. :)
Enjoy summers,stay cool!!

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