Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mom's Remedy!!

I have observed that brown people are always obsessed about having a fairer looking skin.
But what I truly believe is that browns are prettier and even sexier!

Busy days in college made my skin look dull and the skin looked as if it had started shrinking..
Don't know whether it is a thing,but I did feel so.
Whenever i got back home tired , mom had just 1 thing to say in hindi, "kaisi mareez dikhrahi", and surely i would try my best to make worst faces as possible to make her believe college really mistreats me. LOL

So this is what my mom suggested me:

  • Make a thin paste of wheat flour and rose water(or milk/cream).If you have an oily skin, avoid milk/cream but use rose water.
  • Apply on the needed area,(for me it was my face).
  • Let it dry,try to rub gently using little amount of water and then rinse off.

Believe me,my skin literally looked fresh,healthy,clean and a bit fair.
There would be no harm if you do this twice a week.

  • Also,you can reduce the oiliness of your skin,by applying a paste of wheat flour,curd,few drops of lemon juice once a week.

You will definately thank me for this one.

Keep smiling,be beautiful!!!

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