Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sweaty always??

Summers seem to be dreadful this year,and what you can't manage is your body sweating like pigs!
It's nothing to be ashamed of ,because you might be suffering from hyperhydrosis, a very common condition in which people sweat far more than normal.
In this condition anti-perspirants might not work so well.

You can rather give a try to these remedies at home:

1: Baking soda and water paste-Apply this on your armpits,let it stay for 30 mins,rinse off.

2:Apple cider vinegar or Lime juice-Apply it every night on your armpits,let it dry,rinse off in the morning.

Follow for few days regularly,you might notice a difference.If not,you can consult a doctor.

Keep smiling,Stay healthy!!!!

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