Thursday, July 25, 2013

Creamy Coffee Dessert: Recipe

I have been really busy with Ramadan that's why the posts are so late.

So yes today is a completely new recipe which most of you wouldn't have ever had!!
Yes, You heard me right, !!!

One of my Bhabi(sister in law), visited my place once, and got a yummy dessert for all of us that she had cooked herself, while inquiring about the recipe, I got to know it required certain ingredients that  we don't find in India, we get them in gulf countries,so it was obvious I couldn't make it, as I used to stay in India that time.

But then, I thought to eliminate those ingredients and try my own (main ingredient less) recipe out of it.
And yes, I succeeded.!!! I served it to my parents, and they are crazy for it now.
I have to make it everytime I visit my place.

What is more special about this recipe,???
In our family, The first thing a new bride cooks in her In laws family is supposed to be a sweet.
So guess what, I tried to impress my mother in law through this dessert,my hubby loves it, and wants to finish it himself alone, LOL..
N yea, I even recieved a lot of gifts for cooking on that day!!!Lucky me!!!Yay!!!

Even it's got a secret simple ingredient, Marie Biscuits!!!
also, you dont need an oven or any heavy electronic, just a gas stove and a refrigerator!!!

Jumping quick to the recipe.

Creamy Coffee Dessert
serves 6

Preparation Time: 30 mins(you work hardly 10 mins)


1 pack of  Marie light biscuits
Milk 2cups
Fresh Cream 200gm
Dryfruits or fruits to Garnish
Roohafza to Garnish


  • Place the biscuits(layerwise) in a container in which you have to set the dessert

  • Boil milk in a container add to it coffee in such an amount that you get a strong dark brown coffee, also add around 8-10 tbspn of sugar.Once,the coffee is ready keep aside to cool for sometime.
  • Add the warm Coffee to the biscuits layer slowly till all the layers are soaked in the coffee, again keep it aside to set for 10 minutes.(Drink the rest of the coffee,if left, by adding some more milk to it,,LOL)
  • Now, beat the fresh milk to gt an even consistency and evenly spread it over the soaked layer of biscuits.
  • That's it, now garnish with whatever pleases your eyes,it can be chocolates,gems,m&ms, waffles, dry fruits, fruits anything!!!!
  • Let it set in the refrigerator for 3 hours.
  • Cut in to large pieces and serve.

*Too much of prepared coffee or too little might spoil the dessert, it has to be accurate enough just for the biscuits to get soaked.
*The more it sets in the refrigerator the better it is, I sometimes serve it the other day.

I hope you love this recipe and surely try it also do comment!!


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