Friday, July 12, 2013

Ramadan Mubarak!!!!!!

Guest Post by a Dear Friend

WoW, it's Back!!!!
The holy month of fasting and feasting is back!

It's the same time of the year where everyday is a festival. Be it any part of the world , there is an absolute spiritual glow in everything, be it souls or surroundings,and if you happen to live in UAE like I do, your eyes our in for a special treat in the forum of beautiful and colorful decorative lights all across the cities here..

Just one peek outside the window is enough to lift your spirits. But I am sure every city has it's own way of celebrating.

Although I haven't spent many Ramadans in UAE, one thing I am sure is be it any place on earth, the spirit of Ramadan touches every place in it's own way

Be it here,or back in Pune, Ramadan is a  month of spiritual peace, prayers, fasting and the endless feasts and get togethers. The evening air  is filled with mouth watering aroma that kinds of reveals the neighbour's iftar menu. LOL

I remember as kids all we did during the fasts was to look forward to the feasting time..haha..
We would have a table full of delicacies filled with yummy take aways dad brought.
But the cherry on the cake was and always is my lovely mom's amazing culinary art.
and like many mothers out there,my mom would make something ravishing and finger licking delicacy that was a treat both to our eyes and the growling tummy.!!!

Although like me,not all of us are as good a cook as our moms, a few amongst us are doing full justice to their moms teaching and their lovely kitchens.
Well,I will post about moms and their never ending love later.

Getting back,Beauty of Ramadan is enhanced by family, friends,relatives and all the hustle bustle they bring with them.
The moon,apart from being beautiful, suddenly is so important.
The heart and soul is cleansed pure with the fasts,tarawi and the little extra tilawat.

And in all, ramadan is an awesome package that no one can afford to miss.
The soothing tarawi is truly a blessing to Mankind.

So I hope and pray that Almighty Allah blesses us this Ramadan and the many more to come, Insha Allah,
so that we enjoy this gift to the fullest and have a beautiful ,rewarding ,soothing and tasty Ramadan with our near and dear ones.


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