Sunday, July 28, 2013

My First Guest Post @Daily Swad Sugandh : Sabudana Wada with Twisted Chutney Recipe

Hello Friends, 

This is my first ever guest post published on any blog, and I am so glad Pooja Agrawal gave me an opportunity to do so.Her page Daily Swad Sugandh on facebook has more than  5000 likes, and her very own blog Vegetarian Indian Recipes is doing a fabulous job.
An inspiration who became a friend,this is the story of we two bloggers,This is what Pooja has to say about me and my blog.

"Blogging unites the people around the world. In my two and half months of blogging, I came to know so many bloggers who are extremely talented cooks. 
Allow me to introduce a good friend of mine, Tazeen, whom I've never met personally, but known through the blog world. I met her through her page, Simply Life which has mouthwatering recipes, restaurant reviews, beauty tips etc. I'm thankful to her who gave me the opportunity to start the first guest post on my little space today. 
Thank you dear Tazeen for such a lovely guest post and sharing a recipe of delicious snack. My pleasure to have you as a guest and friend.. :)"
To read further and check out my recipe, please click on the link below:

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